Thundermist SS Viper Spoon

Thundermist SS Viper Spoon

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  • Quality counts: Heavy Duty stainless steel harness, and 2 super sharp/strong, big game hooks
  • Great for all Saltwater fish - from Flounder to Stripers to Billfish and everything in between, the SS Viper Spoon takes your ordinary bait to a new level of irresistible fish-attracting action. The result is out-fishing other lures and even live bait.
  • Great for all Fresh Water game fish.
  • Highly reflective 24 karat gold or nickel plating and other great fish catching colors.
  • The SS Viper Spoon's patented design makes it the ultimate fishing lure - it's the key to great fishing success
  • SS20BBeaded3-3/4in0.4oz2 hooks(3/0 & 5/0)
    SS20HBucktail3-3/4in0.4oz2 hooks(3/0 & 5/0)
    SS40BBeaded4-3/4in0.5oz2 hooks(7/0 & 9/0)
    SS40HBucktail4-3/4in0.5oz2 hooks(7/0 & 9/0)

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